Gall's Law states that all complex systems that work, evolved from simpler systems that worked - and were improved over time.

If you need to construct something difficult with code - it will have hundreds of dependencies, a huge sprawling eco-system of hard-to-code features and need to be as performant as it possibly be, then start with something simple.

Make a much simpler minimal viable product (MVP), test your assumptions and start to improve incrementally to get it where it needs to be.

I have taken part in a project that needed a huge rewrite (millions of lines of code we're talking) and I directly observed Gall's Law. Slowly, more and more complexity was added to a overly simplistic application- to the point where it started to resemble what we needed.

A few months down the line, and a lot of hard-work later it was in the final state we had in mind- from a small working system, to a big, working system.