Fall in love with some activity, and do it! Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter... Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough. Work as hard and as much as you want to on the things you like to do the best. Richard P. Feynman

Hi, my names Kealan Parr. I'm a Senior Software Enginner at Auden, with four years experience.

A few years ago I was finishing my Biology degree and had to do some basic programming for my Biological data. I ended up more interested in the programming on my data I was doing than the biological data I was collecting.

I knew I had to side step into coding.

So I finished my Biology degree with a first class honours, and started working through freeCodeCamp certifications. You can view them here and here

Whilst I was at University, I also joined the Royal Naval Reserves and attained a foundation degree from the Chartered Management Institute in Business Administration and Management.

I then worked at bet365 on a placement for 2 years as a Junior Software Engineer, was kept on past my placement, promoted to Software Engineer and left after around 4 years there.

I also have a side business where I do paid technical writing you can learn more here

The languages I know and love are: JavaScript/TypeScript, React, go, Node and Swift.

I have a collection of side projects I enjoy doing/did to learn something new:

  • I transcribe images on Reddit weekly, for visually impaired people to ensure images are accessible.
  • I have a profitable side-business where I do consultancy. Primarily, freelance writing and reviewing of technical documentation.
  • I created a repo called "Every link I wish I had as a beginner"- which details a host of useful links and resources to help less experienced developers. This has a CRON job to run a Node script monthly, to ensure none of the links undergo link rot
  • I made a basic JavaScript script to automate playing the offline Chrome dino game (that link only works in Chrome!)
  • I have a personal site I keep updated with what I'm upto
  • When I was first learning Go and Docker, I made a golang blog that connects to a containerised Database
  • I was fascinated with Path finding algorithms, so I implemented Djikstra and A*. I then made Conways Game of Life
  • DeveloperForge is updated by me, a Next.JS Static Site
  • I made a website to solve Einsteins Riddle
  • As part of an interview process, I made a candidate-checker in go. Try typing "kealan parr" into the box! Or try "joe bloggs" as another example.

I love to keep upto date with the software field in general, and am a member of ACM and the Unicode Consortium

I love to play Chess, and have played 4,500 games online (though I am still rubbish despite these games!)

Thank you for reading!