# How to Completely Shuffle All Your Spotify Liked Songs

I use the shuffle feature for Spotify to play my songs in a random order but find the shuffle feature never completely plays randomly from my entire collection of songs.

I have around ~1,000 songs in my playlist and some are from years back and I find it only ever play from a pool of around the 200 most recently liked.

Here's what I did (to remind myself later) how to completely shuffle the order of all of your songs.

I only managed to do this on the webapp (I did it on windows, but I also saw it work on a Mac) - but once they're shuffled, the order is kept between the web app and the website, so here we go!

  1. Go to Spotify, and scroll to the very top and very bottom of your playlist (so 100% of your songs render and will be highlighted in the next step - you need to do this as they're lazily loaded when you scroll to them)
  2. Ctrl A to select all your songs
  3. Ctrl C to copy 100% of your songs
  4. Store this copy somewhere if you want to keep the original ordering (or as a backup if you delete any you might want later)
  5. The Ctrl A just gives you a long list of song URL's - so you can just find a text line shuffler - I used this
  6. Once they're shuffled to your liking, copy and paste them into a new playlist (called Liked Songs Shuffled maybe?)
  7. Viola! Job done!

I've done this twice now, once they end up in the Playlist as normal, I delete all my Liked Songs and then from the Playlist with my shuffled songs, right click and click "Add to Liked Songs" so they are my current liked songs, just shuffled, rather than having them in a playlist.

For me to get a truly random song selection now, I just play through my Liked Songs top to bottom, with Shuffle deactivated.