I firstly started by reading this article

I then read React documentation. React (as of 2022) are re-working their docs, so the beta docs are here, or the "current" docs (not in beta) are here

I then worked through the freeCodeCamp exerises

From here, I just coded up basic React apps using create-react-app

So I made a web-app to test solutions to Einsteins riddle

Or if you need project ideas, you can look here for inspiration

If starting to code projects feels too hard, try a tutorial first

And I also really enjoyed the courses on egghead

I have done my best to keep paid courses away from all "How to Learn" posts, but honourable mention to Colt Steeles course which is very valuable. But don't pay more than $25 or so. Udemy is known to have HUGE price fluctuations.